A New Theme

Got a new theme today. Will have to customize it with my own images for the header. Let us see what happens!


The situation is not at all bright. Everyday there is news about Microsoft cutting jobs, or IBM cutting jobs, the list continues with all industries getting affected by the global economic meltdown. Earlier the lunch session used to be a time when colleagues would discuss movies and cricket. The past two-three  months have seen a big change as everyone is worried and insecure about their jobs.

Rumours about three senior managers quitting, people being asked to leave, well I just don’t know. Things are not rosy and it looks that there is going to be a lot of heartburn by the end of March.

Hastily convened meetings asking employees to stay calm and focus on improving productivity does not work wonders.

Let me see what happens!

In all probability it might be curtains here too:]

Cinemascope-Looking at the movies of 2008

The initial list-“The Top Movies of 2008” had some of the movies that I liked. Once I finished writing that post realized there were lots of other movies that I enjoyed and totally forgot about:


Rajat Kapoor’s movie with Ranvir Shourie, Nasiruddin Shah, Vinay Pathak and Neha Dhupia a story of double identities, amnesia, dons, intrigue, unrequited love and death. The part that I enjoyed most was Ranvir’s Hamlet soliloquy in Hindi.

Eastern Promises:

London, the mob, Russian gangsters, lots of F words, punches and fights, couple of gross scenes and the final fight in the buff. Viggo Mortensen does a great job in David Cronenberg’s violent gangster story.

Kannum Kannum:

A beautiful love story where sacrifice gains a new meaning. Prasanna in a great role. Beautiful cinematography no vulgar comedy or item-songs. A simple story told aesthetically. A pity that the movie was not a big hit.

Raman Thediya Seethai and Pirivvom Sandhippom:

With Cheran in both movies, the first one as an actor and the second one as both actor and doctor both movies were good family entertainers. The first one was the search of a man for a wife the second the problems faced by a city-bred woman coming to terms with a large joint family after marriage. Pasupathy excels as a blind radio jockey in Raman Thediya Seethai.


Directed by a debutante and starring director Vishnuvardhan’s brother Krishna, this is a really taut thriller. Just think you are a good for nothing thief who lives with his brother and father(also thieves). One day to your surprise you find that there are close to 40 lakhs in your bank account and with every passing day your bank balance keeps increasing. Then the fun starts young girls being raped and killed, a senior police officer being killed, the plot keeps thickening and just when you think that the climax is here, there is another twist. “Saroja” was OK with its thumping music track and Tom and Jerryish antics, but Alibaba really scores on the surprise factor.

Welcome to Sajjanpur:

When India’s most acclaimed and respected director returns after a long gap and returns with a Malgudish comedy you are excited. This movie is a brilliant satire of the life and times of modern northern India the casteism, rogue politics, and development problems, Good performances by all and Shreyas Talpade keeps excelling with each movie. A must watch.


I saw this on DVD. This stars Liam Neeson as an ex-CIA agent who works as a security guy along with his friends. He is separated from his wife but is close to his daughter. when his daughter goes on a pleasure trip to Paris and gets kidnapped. He returns to his super spy ways and tracks down his daughter’s kidnappers who run an international prostitition and trafficking ring. Powerful performance by Neeson and good action sequences. Watch this movie when it hits the Indian theatres.

In Bruges:

Two assassins on a sight-seeing trip. A boss who is angry and wants to kill them. A midget who is an actor, a young woman who is a con. Great cinematography and background music. Directed by Martin McDonagh the movie stars Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, and Ralph Fiennes in one of the finest black comedies in recent times.

Remembering Moksh….

Mate! I know you are up there in the skies looking at the foolish antics of the gang down here. Mark got married this week. Arul and Towfik could not make it to the party. It was left to me to enliven the proceedings. I sung a song at a gathering after a really long time. Mark joined me too to the surprise of everyone. He started playing the drums and suddenly the flow came back. I sung “I will be there for you” remember it was the first song that all of us performed together. At the end of it there was lot of applause but no one could figure out why Mark and me were crying.

Moksh! even in your death you signified that we could be good and help each other. It was horrible to watch you die, with me on the bed next to you. I could hardly move with all the tubes and bottles attached to me. I don’t know when I went into my anaesthetic-induced sleep. When my surgery had been done Arul said that you were dead. I wanted to cry but the tears did not flow. There was just silence and dejection.

The band broke, we went about with our studies, all of us have jobs now. Mark is in Bangalore. Towfik is in Delhi and Arul is in Sydney working on his research project.
I still look at the photos on Sunday afternoons and remember our jamming sessions. How Arul’s dad would join us and sing with us. Mark’s mother preparing sandwiches and cakes for us.

Mate! take care of all of us.
The gang salutes you as always!

Merry Christmas!

Another Christmas has gone by. An unusually calm and silent one. I did not visit any of my friends or go to a movie. I just stayed at home reading a couple of books. I saw some movies on TV in the evening.


I got a beautiful leather planner with a pen as a gift from my Chrischild. I gifted my Chrischild a figurine of a dog and a greeting card. My Chrispa gave me a pen-stand and I gave him a pen. Coincidence!

We are having a New Year Bash this evening organised by the office management.


A prayer for all those who lost their lives in the Tsunami. Four years have gone by-the memories of that dreaded day still haunt me.

Man may make great progress and claim to have conquered everything. But when Mother Nature decides to launch her fury we are nothing but helpless puppets.

Monday Morning Blues……

Waking up on Monday mornings and getting ready to start for office, I feel like Mark Twain’s boy-hero Tom Sawyer. It is not that I hate my job or I am bored with what I do. It is the sheer necessity to get up from my bed.

For almost two years I worked in a KPO and worked at the oddest possible hours and my whole physiological system went for a toss. To report to work at 6:30 AM I had to get up at 3:45 AM so that I could catch the 4:35 train and reach office on time. Night shifts meant sleeping from 11:30 AM to 7:30 PM boarding the 8:30 PM train to report to office by 10:30 PM.

Now when I have got a job with regular working hours it takes a Herculean effort to get up at 6 AM. I do not know if it is because of the winter or if I have gone plain lazy. Somehow I just do not feel like getting up in the mornings.

Hello to WordPress!

I delayed and delayed for three years kept trying to persuade myself; but finally the temptation was too big and I decided to convert. Well don’t get confused.

Then if blogging is a religion then I have changed my perceptions of God and I have moved from Blogger to WordPress. As a first step I have imported my old posts from Blogger.

I have enjoyed my stay with Blogger and thank the whole team there for all the support that they have provided.

I might actually start maintaining two different blogs. Who Knows?

But anyway it is time to say hello to WordPress!:)